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On Blankets.

Blankets cover

This book, more than any other, has had the biggest impact on me at probably the hardest time in my life. I was recommended this book by a blog I used to follow directly following the breakup of my high school/college girlfriend. This event coincided nicely with the theme of the book which is first love and first loss.

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Blankets more than any other film, comic, book, or any other type of media captures the whole experience of being in love for the first time as well as what is like to lose said love. The artwork is amazingly beautiful. Every single page is amazingly detailed. Just from an aesthetic viewpoint Blankets is a masterpiece. Even after multiple readings it still affects me in a profound way. I could give you a synopsis of the book, but that wouldn’t do it justice. This book should not be enjoyed in a piecemeal fashion or boiled down to a few paragraphs. It should be taken in its entirety. If you are looking for a brutally honest and real account of first love and loss please check this out. You will be glad you did.

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Japan Media

F#@king Redshirt

I just finished Botchan a novel by Natsume Soseki.
It kind of looked dumb from the cover and I actually stole it from my Japanese class. It claims to be the most widely read novel in Japan. So I thought I would give it a shot. It turned out to be a really engaing book. It does not have much of a deep meaning. The only meaning I could pull from it was do not take people for face value. It is not really deep as it is written right on the paper. Although not a deep novel it is fun. I found myself having trouble putting down the book. It is short, but I highly recommend it. The story is that of a man named Botchan (clever title, heh) who is from Tokyo. He is labeled as the family screw up and because of this lives up to his roll. He latter assumes some responsibilty and goes to school and after completing this gets an offer to teach in a small, nothing country town. The story is about his mis-adventures in this small town as a school math teacher. I would recommend this read, it’s witty, funny and and enjoyable read. You do not have to be a Japanophile to enjoy this book. It can be purchased through Amazon or through any major retailer.