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On My Past Week or Comic Books: My Back Hurts

I need to get this out before it’s too late! I have been meaning to write this all week and I am finally sitting down to do this. (SUNDAY IS STILL THE WEEKEND!!) This week in my life I have been pretty super busy, but have been doing something I haven’t done in a long while, reading comic books. There is so much out there that I haven’t read! This week I got sucked into Scott Pilgrim and the Marvel Zombies series. Both of them are GREAT and I can’t recommend them enough. I’ll give a one sentence summary of both and implore you to read them.

The Marvel Universe is infected by zombies!

Scott Pilgrim is dating Romona, who has Evil Exes, who he has to fight, video games.

In none, comic news, I have been doing a really good job going to the gym. I have been doing all sorts of stuff and I need to come up with a plan to do it regularly, but I have swam laps, played racquetball, ran, and lifted. Go super active me! Here is the epilogue to the lifting session. I threw out my back. It hurts like crazy because I did some exercises on it and it told me to go fly a kite. I hope once this heals it was a one time thing and I can go back to lifting because right now I feel like an old man who needs to take a nap before the grandkids come over.  I hope to have another music post up soon and a more detailed and purposeful post this coming week, but for now. GO READ COMIC BOOKS!


Back, Baby!

I finally got this thing back online. It was a huge pain that I have been putting off, but after months it’s finally back online. This post is pretty much all going to be technical stuff, so feel free to totally not pay any attention. This is now hosted on a server I am paying for, mostly because I don’t have to do any back-end maintenance on it. It will always have the newest software versions and I don’t have to mess with it. Now, because I am paying for this, it also means I lose root privileges which kind of made bringing my old database over a little bit of a pain. I had my friend Justin help me out with everything because he is far more proficient in databasing than I am. I do want to thank him very much for all the work he did; without him this still would be on the back burner. We had to take the MySQL dump from my old server and make some modifications to it as well as interpret all the errors coming in and parse out what they meant. It was really a testament to human will. Overall it’s a good learning experience and a warning to all people thinking about switching databases over. If you are going to go from root to not, it’s going to be a bitch. Trust me. Well, thats all I really wanted to say. Nothing really important. Just that this is back and I plan on posting to it a lot more, FINALLY!