A Sad State of Affairs

I’m sorry most of these posts have been about love, but to be honest it’s kind of been on my mind a lot lately. So, I tend to observe people around me, maybe more than I should. I see many couple walking around and almost all of them just don’t look happy. I hear them bicker and fight over the stupidest shit. “I really would like to go to McDonalds.” “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO MCDONALDS, YOU KNOW I HATE IT!” “…but” “NO, JUST…YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ME.” Is that really necessary? Isn’t there really more important things to be doing? I mean if you can’t stand the persons company why are you with them. I see this trend more and more. People just stick together because they are just too lazy or too scared to break up with them. I though the whole goal of dating is to find the one you’re most compatible with. Why waste time on someone you obviously are not? If it comes down to laziness that is just the saddest excuse of all, how can you be too lazy to find someone you can be compatible with? I really think this might be the reason the divorce rate is so high. You are just with this person so much it becomes habit, then you get married. Why? Because it’s just naturally the next step, of course. Then you have 3 kids and realize you are in a loveless marriage and it’s all you you can do just to stand the person. You both go to work, he comes home and you have silent dinner then put the kids to bed and maybe, just maybe have emotionless sex before bed. This is really bothers me and I refuse to live such a meaningless existence. I don’t care if I am alone forever. I would rather be alone then suffer through that hell. You can tell me I’m naive and that’s just not how things work. Well, then I’m changing the rules. I refuse to play this game. Love should be exciting and you should always want to be with your significant other. Not say you two become one person and never do anything else, but spending time with that person should not be a chore. Fights happen, of course they will, but I think it really should be over some important issue not a million tiny, worthless problems. I guess this is why I am a hopeless romantic. I crave the ideal relationship even though it may not exist. I’ll keep searching though.

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