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Back from the depths.

Hey guys, It been too long. Instead of my usual lame apology, I will just say I apologize for nothing. I have been busy, I’m in college now. I guess I’ll just give you kind of an update on my life. Currently, I am taking 19 credit hours. Which, for the most part, is eating all of my free time. It’s not all bad I enjoy what I am doing. I can tell right now these next 3 1/2 years are not going to be easy ones. I have done some growing up over the past 4 months. I am starting to get a perspective on what’s important, or rather what’s important now. I spent so much time worrying about frivolous things before. Which probably explains my less than stellar grade performance last semester. Right now my goal is to get the grade, nothing else. If that means sacrificing of a social life so be it. I see it like this. I sacrifice 4 years of my life, but the payoff at the end is enormous. It’s almost if someone gave you a dollar and told you to save it for 4 years and it could become a million. I will still have fun, and I won’t continually have my head in the books, but that’s the most important thing. Not girlfriends, jobs, videogames, or partying. It’s a tough transition. I more or less skated through high school and all school for that matter; so for me to actually sit down and try is very different. Maybe this is what becoming an adult is about? Accepting responsibility. Thinking about more than just instant gratification. I am quite happy with the direction my life is headed. My personally philosophy in life is no regrets and accept responsibility for your actions. If you do something, accept what happens because of those actions. Don’t whine or complain, You always have a choice. As long as I can put my head down at night and know I haven’t regretted anything I have or have not done. I can sleep. I’m sorry if this sounds preachy, I’m just kinda letting you guys know what kind of things I have been thinking about.

In other news, It snowed today! It snowed a metric buttload too. I am so excited, I wish I could go sledding right now. I kind of had an impromptu snow fight with a girl in one of my classes. It was short and not much of anything, but it was fun. Walking while it is snowing is so surreal. It’s probably the best feeling ever. I am realizing how much time that writing this isn’t taking. I believe that I will indeed be making more entries. I like to have something to look back on. I also like telling about my strange happenings throughout my day. So, everyone. This is my official statement. I’m making a comeback.

And this part of the blog is something I promised I would do for someone. Megan you are totally awesome. If we (Megan and I) had kids they would glow and beat up your kids. I’m glad we are still friends.

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