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The promised journal from my trip to Japan this past summer is here. Before that I will tell you a little about what has happened in my life. Today, I went running with April it wasn’t really a run as it was a powerwalk. That’s ok though because we had a nice talk about how stupid parents can be and how awesome college will be. Yesterday, my dad completly flew off the handle and grounded me. Don’t as me why either I’m still trying to comprehend that. So the story starts out when a man was delivering softer salt to our house and he hit my car (parked in the driveway, ugghh!). So we had to have it repaired and this past week was when it was to be repaired. So this week I used my Mom’s car and she used a rental (I guess you have to be 21 to use a rental car, lame). So the rental car had to go back and my Mom had to go pick her car up from CPHS because I drove it there that morning. My parents were supposed to drop my fixed car in my spot, but it turns out some idiot dropped my back tail light assembly and it wasn’t going to be ready until later. So, I am carless and need to find a ride home. April graciously offeres to give me a ride home so I take her up on the offer. Now, my dad tried to call me twice when I am getting a ride home. I didn’t realize this until about 3:30 because my phone was still on silent from when I was in school. I return his call and he starts tearing into me abotu how I don’t care about anyone else and all this bs. Now, I find a ride home and don’t bug him to interfear with his plans and I don’t think of anyone else. Hmm. So, I’m grounded, and I am goign to do anythign else for my father until I recieve an apology (his new laptop hard drive will be here soon, good luck installing it). I also watched Karate Kid Part II today. I really want to get the trilogy DVD set. I love those movies. So without further adieu, my trip to Japan, journal style.

June 9th, 2005

We are totally sitting here in the airport, just got done eating. $9.45 for a Philly, cookie, and coke. Prices are nutz in airports. The exchange rate is 97¥ to $1, thats such a rip. We have like 2 hours until our flight, so yeah its going to be a boring wait.

On the plane 9 hours remain

“I think they just hook it up to this and it hots the plate”

We just ate some fish junk. It was OK, not the greatest. Watching Star Wars helps pass the time. drink isnt working out exactly as planned. Ill Draw a picture to illustrate how much drink we get.

About 6 hours left

We are flying over the Bering Sea right now and the flight is getting very tedious. We are over ½ way there so Im glad about that. Me and Dp are pretty much raping the flight so its all good.

1 hour left

We are 1 hour away from Japan and Im expecting to see 3, 9000 pound semi-trucks with drivers and stuff so I got that going for me. Also, the semi-trucks have brains and have feelings. I believe I will have to get off the plane soon because the altitude is getting to everyone.

In Japan June 10th, 2005

Well, I finally made it. Im at my host familys house just about to go to sleep. The house reminds me of Justins old house. Taking a bath was different as expected. My bed is the bottom bunk of a bed. There are 3 sisters Asami (15), Emi, and Rumi. I know they are 19 and 21, but havent figured which. The dad knows a lot of English surprisingly. They are all very nice. Its pretty scary right now. I have to brush up on my Japanese immensely. Well its about 11 oclock Japanese time and I have been up for like some teen hours. Im going to bed.

June 11th, 2005 5:30 a.m.

First morning here in good ol Nihon. My fear is starting to disintegrate. Ive been looking though my dictionary. Im going to attempt to speak as much Japanese as possible today. I woke up very early, but there was no clock in my room so I didnt know what time Im guessing some where around 3:30 a.m. I am going to go to volleyball with Asami around 6. The school has to be like 1 metric year away from here, but I didnt know. Im really antsy to see Japan. I want to go eat something I am famished. I am hoping I get to see some of my friends before Monday. I still have to write my speech for Monday. This doesnt have to do with Japan, but my stupid things on my lip are finally going away. Take forever. I saw Yukari yesterday and some of the students who came here. They all remembered me and how I dont like McDonalds. Asami asked me why. I had no idea how to answer that in Japanese. It was kind of funny when I got off the buss a lot of the girls shouted Goowaa!Yukari asked if I still had a girlfriend, talking about Stephanie. I really want to see some of my friends. I think there are some benefits to staying with the host family, but not on the first day. Its just plopping kids in a foreign country without a vast expansive knowledge of the language is a tough situation. Chelseas video camera is broke or the battery is dead, so I cant take any video. When we were driving last night it was so crazy. The roads are very different than home, not just the right/left thing. Its just really crazy. Well, I think Asami will be waking me up soon, so Ill write in this latter.

Night of June 11th, 2005

Today I went to Asamis volleyball tourney. It was pretty fun. There was so many girls there and they all tried talking to me. Asamis nick name is Ryo and she is #6. Before they play volleyball all the players must line up and blow to their senseis. I had to take my shoes on and off like times today. I wish I would of got those [Converse] slips taken care of. I met a foreign exchange student names Eric at the volleyball tourney. She is from Canada. It was a relief to speak to someone [in English]. Its funny because she has been here 4 months and she has trouble conveying English. She is pretty good at Japanese. She has been helping me with Japanese. All the girls are very eager to talk to me and Im trying very hard to understand. The language barrier is huge. Asami has been very very nice. I feel bad because I am trying to convey my thanks and it is very hard. She had a book with a bunch of useful Japanese to English phrases. So, I told her I had dun today and Thank you for everything. Im going to try to email everyone tomorrow. I just tried to spell email with an I. I think Japan is starting to rub off on me. Everyone in this family is nice. I talked to her sister this morning. She likes Aerosmith. She also has been to America. She went to Connecticut. I has pizza and Coke for breakfast. That pizza was the best I ever tasted. It was sooooo good. Tomorrow Asami said we are going to hang out with Matt Palmer and his (host student) I dont know if thats how you spell it (its not), but whatev. I was so tired after volleyball today. We got home at 3 p.m. Japanese time and I crashed. I woke up at 1 a.m. Japanese time. Thats 10 freakin hours. The jetlag finally got me. Well, I am going to go watch a movie then Im off to bed. Oyasuminasai. (Goodnight)

e 12th 2005 (Night/Morning actually more like June 11th)

“I would love to do his wife”
-Me (being a pig right in front of him [her husband])

Today was my first day seeing Japans shopping side. Me and Asami actually talked for a little this morning. We watched Star Wars: Clone Wars. We also looked at the picture book I bought them. We then visited Palmers host family. They are loaded for sure. The house was so beautiful and big. They also drive a Mercedes and an Audi. I bought some CDs and food today. We also ate at a sushi bar. Everything at the sushi bar was good except the rotten bean sushi (gag me with a spoon). It was nice to talk to a friend today. Increased my Japanese. Mais (Palmers host student) mom said I was good at Japanese. Tomorrow will be my first day of high school in Japan. I have to wake up at 5:30. I need to write my speech. I think I am going to bed.

Continued events of the day I forgot to write about

We went to Mais grandmothers and did a Buddhist shrine thing. We also hung around with Mais older brother. He is really cool. His wife is a foxxx. Well thats all for today. Oyasuminasai.

Night of June 12th, 2005

First day at Arima High School went a little shaky. I was alone in the classroom while others were paired with friends. It was hard communicating, but I am getting better and better at it. I rode the densha (train) this morning. It was gyu gyu which mean very jam-packed. I forgot my slippers this morning so I had to wear these chiisai (small) moccasins which were about 3 sizes too small. We went to class as normal. The Japanese teacher seemed very enthusiastic. The Bio teacher was nutz. He was crazy. We got invited to Karate; that was fun. We had a small punching bag dropped on our stomachs. Palmer got volunteered to drop it and slammed it upon my stomach. Itai! (ouch) We went to a game center for a little bit and convenience stores. They have Circle Ks Something is afoot at the Circle K. Well I am butt tired. Oyasuminasai.

June 13th, 2005

Quotes from the day:

Zack: Your camera kind of sucks.
Davenport: Not kind of sucks……doesnt.

Davenport: Ive got something for you to rail right here.
Me: I hope its yu.
Davenport: *thinking I said you not yu, starts belting off bullshit about how Im never going to do him*
Me: *interrupting* kari

June 21st, 2005

Okay so I havent written in a long time, but I will try to catch up to speed. Well, let me start by saying I flippin love Japan with all my heart. First off, let me tell you about a wonderful place called Tsutaya. Its a store where you can buy used games, music, movies, and books. O GOD it had so many awesome Super Nintendo games. Second, yesterday we went to say our farewells to the Arima High School students. It was one of the most depressing things to go through. All the students were crying. They were all so awesome and I will miss them sooo much. I am planning to come back to Japan next year, which would be so cool. I will have to save my funds, but I can do it. We also went to Tokyo Disneyland. It was a lot of fun and I could tell Asami really enjoyed it. I am going to make a shrine in my room devoted to the best two weeks I ever had. I will totally stay in touch with these guys so much. I cant say I want to go back because I dont. I dont really miss anything. I want to stay here so bad its ridiculous. Tomorrow is the stupid 12 hour flight. It will blow my nut sack so bad. Iam really not looking forward to coming home, but I guess all good things must come to an end. I talked to Asamis sister a lot. Her older one is so cool. She likes videogames. Her favorite is Final Fantasy 7. She works part-time at Tsutaya and goes to college. Her English is pretty good. Also, she likes music not always good, but I will take what I can get. I talked to Asamis other older sister too. She was surprised I know so much about Japanese entertainment. We watched a special [where] SMAP and Skapara did a collaboration which was awesome. Well I will write what I can on the plane……All good things must come to an end.

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