Um, what’s shakin’? Not much on this end. This weekend is going to be jam-packed with fun: Friday box social at my house, Saturday Mitsuwa then Amy’s B-day part-ay, Sunday thrift store-ing. Half-day used to full extent – I rarely do that. After school I went to Schoops then The Salvation Army where I picked up this sweet blue and white striped shirt – complete with cigarette burn-hole. Then I went to the mall with Grace, which was fun. Well, I have to clean for tomorrow. Later, gator.

Skanking is the Only Way

Homecoming was awesome! I totally cut more than my share of rugs. Also, Adam Wragg and I at the end has this sweet skanking circle – it was rad. Aside from the awesome Saturday, I am now sick. 🙁 I’m not going to be a little pansy about it and not go to school. Well, I will probably think of something to say later today, but for now, later.

Eternal Sunshine

Its 3:15 AM and I just finished Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Best love story ever. It now ranks as one of my favorite movies. I highly recommend seeing it. Well that’s all i had to say. I’m off to dreamland.

What’s up party peoples? I figured out how to static IP my computer! WOOO!  I also broke my router 🙁 BUT I replaced it and no one’s the wiser. Homecoming is tomorrow and I am excited. I promise to cut at least 3/4 of a rug tomorrow. Well I am going to go. Later.