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New Blogger and Scrooge McDuck

Hey everyone. I have been wanting to post for the last couple of days, but to no avail. I recently upgraded my account from the old blogger to the new Google Blogger. The switch caused some headaches on my end. First, I had to figure out how to change my third-party blogging software, w.bloggar, to work with the new blogger. It was simple, but hard to get the information for. When I did get it to update, then my post title bar disappeared. It took me two days to figure out, all you have to do is change this little setting in my blogger dashboard from no to yes. I felt kind of dumb.

Anyway, what I have been meaning to post about is something that is not all that exciting, but something I happened to ponder. Remember DuckTales? You know that old disney show with Huey, Duey, and Louie and their mean Uncle Scrooge McDuck. Well, do you also happen to remember after about every adventure, he would take a dip in his giant vault full of unimaginable wealth. I guess when you are a kid you don’t think about this, but that’s basically a giant pool of death. He doesn’t even slowly get in, he dives in head first into a sea of solid metal. No wonder he carries that damn cane and limps everywhere. If you are asking, what the hell are you talking about, I have provided a picture to jar that o-so forgetful memory of yours.

I think I am doing a good job of keeping up the posts, even if it is about over analyzing a childhood cartoon. Until next time.

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