Just what we need…

Do you guys notice anything horribly wrong with this picture. If you haven’t peek all the way to the right. Well, now our prayers have finally been answered! No more will we have to settle for the wimpy triple. In case the four meat patties were not enough, there is slices of bacon tossed up there on Mt.Heart Attack. Seriously what is wrong with restaurants and people. We are already the fattest and most unhealthy nation in the world, is our title in jeopardy or something? I think if you order that burger it should come with a free defibrillator. Actually, I changed my mind. If you order that burger you should be killed on the spot because apparently you don’t care enough about your well being and you’re pretty much killing yourself anyway. They try to make all these “healthy choices” in kids meals like oranges instead of fries and like yogurt or something then pull a stunt like that. In short, a big WTF to Burger King. On a side note I took that picture with my phone, and it looks really good. So, that’s pretty awesome. Moblogging here I come.

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