Duran + Gumby

Yeah, well, half of today totally rocked and half didn’t. Before lunch sucked hardcore. I sucked it up in English then I fell asleep during a bio movie like the entire hour (I’m sure I was like all drooling on the desk). After I fell asleep I woke up and I was like in a daze with a heinous headache and was so out of it until like halfway through geometry. After that it pretty much was totally sweet. Also my rocking hard 80s fashion made an appearance today because of decade day. I will have a picture on the page that represents what I looked like. Yeah, the 80’s are sweet and by sweet I mean totally awesome. Man, I want some White Castle. Speaking of White Castle, Megan totally rocks hard. Anyway, I don’t have much more to put except that Lando Calrissian is the suavest guy in space.
Yeah I had the pushed up sleeve on the suit coast just like the awesome Duran Duran here.
Gumby rocks.

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