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What’s happening? Matt here with today’s update. Um, well this week i haven’t been doing that much. I got a guitar, well, not really got, more borrowed, but besides that I am learning it and will be rocking out soon enough. Also, in music news, if you never heard a foreign band (more along the Japanese side) get some songs by the pillows. They rock really hard. I mean just look at this pic of one of the members rocking out on a guitar with some Chuck Taylors on.
Also, I have been watching this anime called Escaflowne. It’s pretty freaking sweet. Then after that I want to finish watching Cowboy Bebop (also very awesome series; actually one of my favorite series). Um, I will probably add a guest book to the site like right after I write this, so sign that if you’re not a loser. Oh yeah, I got Halo for the PC today. It’s pretty good but to run it in super good mode you need a pretty beefy PC (IGN said about a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz with a GeForce 3/4 or higher). Well, that’s all for this update. Remember to stay rad and awesome with some rocking hard on top.
Here’s a pic of my guitar.

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