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Topic 3: Tbtf

Topic 3: Pick a song. The song that is currently stuck in your head, the first song that shows up on shuffle, the song that has the most plays on your iTunes, etc. Write a short piece of fiction inspired by that song.

A little preface. I chose my most listened to song according to and it happened to be:

Kevin Drew – Tbtf

Also, this story is a departure from my normal writing. It’s inspired directly from the song. I hope it plays out well.

It’s different now. I mean it doesn’t seem different, but it’s different. It’s more of a palpable feeling than any particular conversation or action. It happened before either of us realized what we were doing. It seemed so natural at the time, but in the cold light of day, it seems off. I can’t even pinpoint it exactly. I mean, it was great and all, and if I was put in that same situation again I can’t say I wouldn’t do the exact same thing, but, now there is all this tension. No, not tension. Tension isn’t right. Baggage? Stiffness? No, definitely not that, that just opens up a whole other can of worms for childish jokes. Balance. Yeah, balance. The balance is just…off.

I think the situation is too fresh in both of our minds to bring up now, but I am just left with all these questions. Who am I supposed to see about this? My usual sounding board is probably dealing with the same thing. Or maybe she isn’t. I am completely in the dark.

Normally, like in movies and stuff, when this happens it’s usually the audience yelling out a cry of “finally!” A part of me wants that audience yelling at us just so we know where to go from here.

I mean she’s great. She’s smart, funny, beautiful. I mean beautiful in that way that supersedes pure attraction. Maybe that’s it. Maybe she’s just too beautiful to fuck…

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