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On Life Accompanying Music.

Kearny s Charge Battle of Chantilly

I am very excited about this topic. Only because I have envisioned the perfect song. It’s not necessarily about music that accompanies a different mood, but music that would accompany me in battle. This is what would play during a battle scene where I met my ultimate demise. It has the best rise and fall of any songs I have heard.  Just about 4:30 into the song is where I would be running slow-motion at the enemy sword brandished. After my valiant effort taking down the rebel army around 6:30 I would discover I had been stabbed and would check my stomach for wounds only to discover the blood on my hands. I would stare into the sky and fall to my knees as the world grows ever darker. As my life flashes before my eyes the music fades and with it so do I. The title just says it all. The Birth and Death of Day by Explosions in the Sky.

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