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On High School Music: Year 1

Welcome to my continued journey back into my musical past. This time I am going back to glory days of 2002. I was a plucky, little freshman just getting my feet wet with different genres of music. One style I really latched onto was Ska. I think it was because while I like/liked punk  it just wasn’t upbeat enough for me. In comes Ska with it’s oft fast, two-tone beats, horn accompaniment, and mix of punk in the third-wave bands. I was all in. So, here is my top 5-ish albums from my freshman year in high school.


Reel Big Fish – Turn the Radio Off


Reel Big Fish – Why Do They Rock So Hard?

Cheer Up - blogger

Reel Big Fish – Cheer Up!


Less Than Jake – Hello Rockview


Less Than Jake – Losing Streak


Mustard Plug – Yellow #5

These are still some of my favorite albums. They are extremely fun and definitely worth the listen.

UPDATE: After thinking about the matter further there is one album I forgot to put in the mix which deserves to be there just as much as the rest. So, it has been added and should be respected as much as the others.

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