On High School Music: Year 2

While I was still pretty heavy into Ska it was also when I started to run with a new group of friends. These dudes (and lady dudes) made up most of the people who were into lesser known music at CPHS. This more than anything started to transform my tastes from pop/punk/ska to more experimental, avant-garde, and indie. Music started to take a center stage in my life due in large part to these friends. I have to give a special shout out to Zack and Beth because those two, more than anybody exposed me to so much new music in high school. I still miss when we used to get together to trade music. This was also the year I watched FLCL and fell in love with the pillows. I still love those dudes. I am so glad I was actually able to see them live in the states. Anyway, here is the list of the top 5 albums of my sophomore year in no particular order.

The Postal Service – Give Up

The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

the pillows – Happy Bivouac

The Dismemberment Plan – Emergency and I

Weezer – Pinkerton

Creative Writing Music

On Poetry Month – Poem 4.

For my last poem of poetry month I decided to do a found poem with some cavets. The poem is written with the lyrics of the first song to come up on my iTunes when placed on shuffle (The song also must contain lyrics). The poem must contain only words found in the lyrics and those words can only be used once each unless they repeat in the lyrics. The content does not have to relate to the song in any way.

So, when I put it on shuffle I got the song Black Out by Pavement. An awesome song and band. Here is what I wrote. It’s pretty dark, but I really like the turnout. I will post the lyrics to the song below the poem.

Dirty Trail


Where does it go? How do I get there?

No one has a clue


Criminal’s rattlesnakes walkin’ past

Shut up. No, talkin’

Count to ten


They start turning


Spastic wrestling





Frigid air felt like grass


Gauzy rays of lights dancing

Parting with the elements


What will I find?


Black Out by Pavement

Sunday driving past your own hall of fame

It’s closed on weekdays, shut for good

Pick out no one when you’re talkin’

Felt like rattlesnakes were walkin’

No one has a clue


The parting shots, the thin caught

Fault line dancing across the frigid air shafts

A spastic grass, a criminal’s child


Count to ten and read

Until the lights begin to bleed

Lights; til you actually a-see the rays

And your thoughts they start turning


Tells you lessons that you’re learning

No one has a clue


The gauzy thoughts of those dirty scots

Wrestling with the elements up on the trail high

I need to know

Where does it go? how do I get there? what will I find?


(fun fun fun, fun for the summertime blues)

(it’s gonna set you free)

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