Blog Day 2011 Part 2

Topic 8: The Dutch Instrument Makers

“Pick a random sentence from a random book. This is the 1st line of your story.”

There were at least three Dutch instrument makers involved. When you are in this business long enough you learn to notice the mundane and drab. There are tools sitting around. They had nothing to do directly with cold-lifeless body on the floor behind me, but they are probably the biggest lead in this case. You see these Dutch scientists came over here, must of been ten years ago now. They had a bunch of crazy ideas that wouldn’t be kosher in their own country. So, these guys hopped on a boat with what little money they had and came on over to the good old US of A. These guys were getting on fine until they needed some fancy instruments to continue on in their experiments. They phoned some guys back home and brought them on over. These guys weren’t like first batch. These were blue collar through and through. When they weren’t working they would be down in the local taverns spouting off about woman, and God, and law. These were not what I would call “nice.” I knew one day they would go too far. Someone would get these guys angry at just the right time and all hell would break loose. Well, it looks like the lucky winner happened to be a young fellow by the name of James Paterson. Probably has a wife and a pile of kids back home. At least I have somewhere to go with this. The least I can do for this poor family is try to bring some justice. Problem is that the judges in this town are all crooked. Money over justice. A tale as old as time. Nothing I can do, but keep trying. “Let’s go have a chat with these Dutch boys downtown.”

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