Blog Day 2011 Part 2

Topic 3: Totally and Completely Different Life

What would my life be like without computers? Well, it would suck. That’s not to say I wouldn’t find something else to do, but based on my current life. I would have to completely change. My mad math skillz would still be in tact, although long computations would take a lot longer. Since I was very young computers have played a huge role in my life. To even imagine my life without them is tough. Let’s explore what I probably would do if computers were not around.


Well, I would probably go into electrical engineering instead of computer. I still love knowing how this crazy invisible energy we use in our everyday lives behaves. The fact that we can, and have for some time, model and explore how electricity works is amazing to me. It’s still very math intensive so all my knowledge wouldn’t go out the window. Yeah, totes EE.

Other Activities

I most likely would read more. I read quite a bit now, but I wouldn’t have the internet to distract me from other things (read: all things). I would probably do more outside, too. I do spend probably more time than the average person does doing outside stuff. I do improv stuff, too and that requires no computer boxes.

Pluses of No Computrons

No cell phones. Don’t get me wrong. I like my cell phone. I love my cell phone. What I don’t like is being constantly at every single moment being connected to people. It’s abused all the time. You can’t go to dinner anymore without someone texting during your conversation. It’s a menace and no computers would be no cell phones. Hell yeah…sorta.

After thinking about it, life without computers wouldn’t be super awful. I would definitely not choose to live in that world if given the ability to make that choice, but people have survived most of human existence without them, so I’m sure I could, too.

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