Blog Day 2011 Part 2

Topic 21: Survivalist

“What Would You Do To Survive Alone On An Island?”

I would probably have to prepare. I would hopefully have honed my skills enough to discern what is ok and what is not ok to eat. I would probably first have to make some tools. Maybe a sharpened stick, a knife out of a rock, a club for clubbin’ things. I would need some shelter too, so with my newly fashioned tools in hand I would see if there was any naturally occurring shelters like caves. If not I would try to make a makeshift hut out of some thatch. After I secured some of the barest of essentials I would probably be pretty tired and take a nap. After being well rested I would now have to go find some food, maybe some animals to hunt. After the animals are slain I would probably need a fire. I would gather some dried out old wood, maybe some beach logs. I would have to have some way to start this a blaze. I would probably get some thin twigs and try to slowly heat them up. After I got a fire and everything I would probably just chill for a bit. Surviving is pretty tough work. After many days of getting it down pat I would most likely do some headier stuff like come up with ways to get back to civilization. I would probably design a sweet raft and then do that and accumulate the proper provisions. After it is all said and done I would probably get back and be so much stronger for it.

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