Blog Day 2011 Part 2

Topic 12: How to Stay Organized and Do Work

“Create a How-To Manual for Something You Do Well”

This is something I did for a friend, but it’s my rules for keeping organized and staying organized and getting stuff done. They are borrowed from things I have read and things I have learned. I hope this helps some people out.

1. Write it down – Write every event or something that needs to be remembered, be it mundane or otherwise, down in a reliable place you check.

2. Have a place reliable that you check often – Have a calendar, a notebook, an online system, (I use a combination of GCal and Remember the Milk) or anything that you will check on a consistant basis. Have it be something you can have around you that can be relied upon.

3. Don’t let stuff pile up – Find a place for things and put them away when you are done. As things pile up, you lose things and information is forgotten. Make time when you start working to get everything you will need out, when you are done, put everything back. The little time now pays off big time later.

4. Don’t Procrastinate Work – Tackle the hard stuff first. No one likes work so just get it done.

5. Get rid of distractions – Block the internet, remove the TV, go somewhere with no daylight. Whatever you need to do so you are not able to do anything else. Do it.

6. Man (or Woman) Up – Life is not always super fun so just suck it up and do it. I know this isn’t the most helpful, but it’s something that you just need to remember sometimes and do it.

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