Blog Day 2011 Part 2

Topic 1: How to Make an Egg Sangwich

The first topic has thrown me for a loop. “How do you make the thing you eat the most?” This one is predicated on knowing what you eat the most. Something I have not watched with any bit of detail especially enough to know what is my most frequent dish. I am just going with what I have most morning for breaking the fast. The incredible, edible, egg sandwich.

First you need some eggs, preferably chicken. Crack 1 jumbo or 2 medium size eggs into a bowl and whip vigorously with a fork or whisk. Add some cracked black pepper into the egg mixture.

Heat a pan and throw a couple tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil. Swirl that golden goodness around the pan and make sure it is coated thoroughly.

While the pan is heatin’ up take your bread product and throw it in the toaster. You can use a bagel (the preferred method), an English muffin, or just some plain old sliced bread. Toast until golden brown.

Here comes the trickest part of the deal. Ready your spatula because you will need to work quick. Pour the eggs into the now very hot pan. SIZZLE! Quickly work those eggs into the shape/size of the sliced bread product.

When cooked enough add some shredded cheese on top. Cover for 3 minutes until melted. Take the finished/cooked egg add on top and add a squirt of delicious Sriracha.

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