First Girlfriend

Today was most excellent. First off, I got to show my most excellent movie off in Japanese and English. Also, I have a girlfriend now (I know, sorry ladies, I’m taken)! If you don’t know who it is, her name is Stephanie Clark, and she is most rad. It’s awesome because we started going out on Friday the 13th. The dance was really fun! It was mostly Hanus, Katie, Stephanie, and me who were in a circle cutting a rug. Also, I need to purchase The Wizard on DVD – you know that movie from 1989 with Fred Savage. It has that kid, Lucas, who kicks ass at Rad Racer with the power glove (which is so awesome). I really don’t have much else to say except Stephanie rocks my bones off.


Here is a picture of me and Stephanie at turnabout (Hint: I’m the one on the left)

James B

Well, I feel I had to update because it’s been a while. I have to say Cran-Apple juice is rockingly good. I got a movie assignment in English for Dracula and it’s going to rock hard, like 10x head-explody. Umm, I’m going to turnabout with Katie Huber, so if you see a really suave guy getting down on the dance floor, it’s probably me. Well, I think we all can agree that finals suck horribly bad. In movies, if you haven’t seen Big Fish do yourself a favor and go see it. I don’t have any pictures today, but I’m trying to locate some from my old air guitar band, COMPULSIVE EATING DISORDER! Well, that’s all I have for today, but I will update later this week.

*Update* January 17, 2004

Me and my good buddy James Brown in New York.