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On Poetry Month – Poem 3.

As my ongoing commitment to Poetry Month I bring you a poem inspired by my current fascination with the singularity.

I tried to write this in the style of E.E. Cummings and while it’s not up to snuff compared to him. I do think it has some caché to it.

Love in 2552

I do think when

We do merge (inevitably-finally)

With machines

We will not lose – the ability to



Consider the works-innovations-breakthroughs

Fueled solely by



The spectrum of emotions

Fully realized only by

The ebb and flow of



That’s why

Though a virus at times

As machines we will be

With a heart and still with – the ability to


Creative Writing

On Poetry Month – Poem 1.

This month is Poetry Month! In honor of this I decided to write a poem a week for the duration of the month. Four poems total. I though since I really haven’t written much poetry it would allow me to hone those skills and to do something I have never done before. This weeks poem is in the style of blank verse. Made famous by the poet and playwright William Shakespeare. It is written in iambic pentameter and is my first time writing like this. It may not be perfect, but I tried to adhere strictly to the meter.


Staring up in the night sky, lights sparkle.

Remembering the events transpired.

She had obeyed the most base of urges.

She wished to reverse worlds; to undo deeds.

Her loves gaze: longing, calm, true, forever gone.

Tears falling upon the grass, a memory.

Blog Day 2011 Nonsense

On 12 Rhyming Couplets.


A dark and dreary night upon the Erie.
Stood a sailor, quite weary.

Battered by the spume and spray.
He bitterly looked upon the bay.

Much of his life gone.
All that remained was his brawn.

Opportunities missed.
Loves gone unkissed.

He saw fellow seamen come and go.
While he maintained the status quo.

He believed his luck would change.
He would come out in this exchange.

Seasons came and seasons went.
Never realizing just how much time was spent.

One day, he thought!
This will not be all for naught!

Just one great catch.
Then I will have enough to meet my match.

She is only interested in the rich.
She will then be the one I hitch.

As he enters his twilight years.
And looks upon them with flowing tears.

He gazes upon the Sea.
Realizing he will never be free.