How Microsoft Office Can Break A Habit

I decided my life was in need of touching up. I needed a hack for my life. So I sat down and assessed all the problems I am currently facing. Physical representation is always better than just sheer memory alone. Paper doesn’t forget. In a bout of pure nerdality, I opened up my buddy Microsoft Excel. It is useful for so many things. A screen shot of the sheet is below. By far the hardest one on there is going to be the Nail Biting. I have had two failed prior attempts; for some reason my brain just won’t allow me to stop. Also, I found out that IF statements are not the most intuitive thing in Excel. Here is some code if anyone wants it. All it does is check a cell with a percentage and tell if it is an A, B, C, etc.


As you can see I am off to a rousing start. I’ll be sure to post my percentage and point totals for the weeks that follow¬† on here. If anyone wants a copy of the excel document to edit and fill in for you own uses just let me know.



I think I just broke every nerd barrier that has ever been set. I was just in the bathroom and when I went to wash my hands, I turned on only the hot water. It became scalding and I put my hand under the water and immediately pulled it away. Do you know what my inner dialogue was? “Man this water needs to be more user-friendly.” I’m shutting my computer for the night. This is too much.