ISTEPs and Fattening Foods

Well, I am updating. It’s almost been a week and stuff happened, so I’m like thinking to myself, “Maybe you could update your website for all your hot lady friends who think you are so incredibly smoking (sizzle)?” Anyway, so in case you were wondering what nerdy things I have done this week; last Sunday I had a LAN party for Halo at my house at 8:30 PM. Oh yeah, I think that qualifies as geektacular. Hm, what else? Ah, yes, I have found the best combo of junk snackage ever…brace yourself…CHEETOS AND POPCORN! Oh man, it’s so great tasting and is now the official snack of Matt Gyure. Well, I took ISTEPs this week and, well, to sum it up, it sucked, hardcore. You would have to be a complete moron not to get it and they give you like 10,000,000 minutes to do it. I was done in 5…10 minutes at the most. Anyway, off the subject of school, I just want to restate that Coke is the best drink of all time. Like on Mount Olympus they don’t drink nectar like the books say, they actually drink coke, they just wanted to give it a fancy name so they called it nectar. Family Guy is like still rocking hard even though they only had three seasons. Um, I probably wont have any new picture up this week because there is nothing to take a picture of. If I think of anything I will put it up. Um, in gaming news Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 are coming in a little bit and Halo for PC even sooner. I have been playing Zelda: The Wind Waker for like three days now (I played it a lot before I’m just finishing the game). Um, yeah, Zelda is still freaking awesome after like twenty years (Go LINK!). Well, that’s all for today. Always remember White Castle is really the essence of the force and if a stranger asks you if you want some candy take it – come on, it’s free candy.

Dag, yo.