Blog Day 2011 Personal

On Friends.

Since I already wrote a blog pretty much gushing about how I love my friends I will discuss my era of friends.

I have up until now never maintained a consistent group of friends for one reason or another. This does not mean that I haven’t had some great times within these groups, it just means they never really lasted.

Early Childhood/Cousins Era

When you are a kid you really don’t have a lot of control over who is your friends. You usually just go with whoever lives down the street or is friends with your parents. In my case it was my family. I lived kind of out of town and went to a private school in town. This lead to my best friends being my cousins. As mentioned in a previous post these were some of my favorite times. As you get older though, you start to develop friends outside of family and this happened all around. Thus ending the Cousin Era.

Elementary & Middle School/St. Mary’s Era

I am actually compressing a lot of this era down. This was all the friends I made while at St. Mary Catholic Community School in Crown Point, IN. Early on these were limited to whoever I was in Cub Scouts with, but later developed into people I had actual interests in. Some of these people I remain in contact with to this day, but never to the extent that I did back then.

Early High School/Justin LeVine Era

That’s right. Justin LeVine gets his own era. Him and I were tight as a drum. Almost everyday after school my freshman year of high school I would go to his house until my mom would pick me up after she got off work. It was the best. We would play Halo and it was just a good release after school. We even held Halo LAN parties in half-days in his basement. We did grow apart when we both went away to college unfortunately, but at least we still have all those memories.

Late High School/Kevin Romanak and Friends Era

I was introduced to this group because I started dating my friend Amy Kozlowski. She was friends with all these new people and we hit it off. Although, I wasn’t usually the ones causing the mischief we got ourselves into quite a bit of it. These are usually the memories I remember from high school. From invading the Homecoming parade to pissing off the Mass Media teacher. They were all fun times.

Early College/Alex and Finny Era

This didn’t last very long, but when I first entered college I was rooming with my good friend, Nathan Finfrock. The best part is his girlfriend, April Finick, and my girlfriend, Alex Arges, were rooming together, too! It was the worst idea. Not only did tensions grow almost immediately, we both went through messy and painful break ups with those same girls. Needless to say, not my favorite era.

Late College/Crazy Monkey Era

This is probably my favorite era. Where I became friends with The Crazy Monkeys after starting to date Lauren Kohl. You can read more about it in my previous post.

Blog Day 2011 Personal

On Best of 2010.

Of all the years to actually write a “best of” this will probably be of the least troublesome. 2010 was a pretty solid year for Mr. Matthew Gyure. This post is mostly going to be gushing about all the new people I met this year. Its strange that something as simple as meeting a new group of people is enough to change your whole outlook on the places around you. I was pretty burnt out on the area around me. Things were getting that samey feeling and nothing of particular merit was happening. This changed when my friend, Katie, introduced me to my now girlfriend, Lauren. She was in an improv group called The Crazy Monkeys. Little did I know back then, but this would lead to some of the best friendships I have made in recent memory. I was incredibly intimated by them a first. They pretty much live exclusively on a diet of inside jokes and affection for one another, and I was privy to neither. They all did a great job of welcoming me into their lives though. Slowly, over time, I went from “Lauren’s boyfriend” to just “friend.” Spring 2010 was one of the most fun, and memorable semesters I had at Purdue. I feel not only did I make a bunch of new friends, but I had a personal transformation. I went from not really being comfortable with my adult(ish) self to knowing exactly who I am. The journey for self-realization is never ending in my opinion, but 2010 helped me make great strides in the discovery of Matthew Gyure. In a project managerial sense 2010 was a milestone year. It’s not if I did nothing. Most of these realizations were made by myself as they always are when it comes to personal philosophy, but I owe a huge thanks to my new best friends, The Crazy Monkeys (old and new), Lauren, and Katie for starting this whole thing.


Oh, my friends and I started an improv group, too. Thanks so much to them as well. It is so far unbelievably fun and I am so happy we followed through with it.


Sorry, this is so disjointed. I am not fully in “blog mode” yet and my thoughts are all swimming around. These will get better.