Za Pirosu

So, a couple of four weeks ago a friend of mine, Brian Wyrostek, told me that the pillows were coming to Chicago. I about shit a brick. (pardon my French, but it’s for emphasis) They are from Japan and not very popular in Japan at that. So I was completely thrown off guard when I heard they were coming to play an hour from me. Immediately after hearing such wondrous news went and purchased tickets, duh. I started listening to the pillows after watching FLCL (just like everyone else), an anime series in which the soundtrack is basically all pillows (I also highly recommend watching FLCL if you get a chance, grade A stuff). That was about 5 years ago. When I first started listening to them I by downloaded a few songs from the series, but got deeper into the music and started hunting for anything pillows I could find. When I went to Japan in ’05 I bought about 5 CDs; I would have bought more, but that’s all I could find. I currently have every LP they have ever released plus some rare acoustic stuff they did. So, after that back history you could tell why I would be excited. The concert was on the 20th, so last Tuesday. Let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed in the least. You know sometimes when you really like a band then go see them live they turn out to be not so good or just suck live and then you’re like for them kind of diminishes or at least is lessened. Well let me tell you this was not in the pillows’s case. They were really into the show. They were enigmatic and looked like they were happy to be there. I also have never been to a show where a band had played so many songs. They must have played between 15-20 songs, and this is with no breaks mind you. They were machines. If you ever have a chance to see them please do not hesitate, it will be one of the greatest musical experiences of your life.

Let me speak just for a tiny bit about some of the people who were at this concert. Now it wasn’t very many people because face it, not to many people know about the pillows and those who do probably found out about them the same way I did which is through FLCL, but some of these people should seriously get out from under their rock and look at society. I am the first person to tell you to be different from the crowd and stand out, but not like dis, not like dis (Matrix reference. anyone? anyone?) There were like 2983981293920183918293892.2 Naruto headbands at this concert and they were all sliding off the heads of these greasy headed nerds. (you know its bad when I start pointing the finger and start saying nerd.) I mean there was a girl there with cat ears who was crawling around on all fours acting like a cat. Double U- Tee-Eff? Not only was this girl on all fours and purring, but her boyfriend took the cake. He was wearing a beret, a pony tail, long huge hot topic-ish pants with about 42 chains, a messenger bag with a million anime pins, and a Naruto headband around his wrist. This guy was hawt. I already know writing this it will not even scratch the surface of what was there, but if I can just shed a little light onto what I saw that will be enough.

In short, despite the company I was with the concert rocked ridiculously hard. pillows=excellent. I will post pictures when I get home. I am at work right now so all my pics and stuff is at home. I also recorded some of the concert and edited it and threw it on a DVD. If you want a copy just leave me a comment and I will send you one. Speaking of comments, leave me some! I love them so much.


Dreamer, nothing but a Dreamer

OK, so I got home from school today after work and I just crashed for about six hours. This is how I work I like do not get any sleep then one day I just crash. It’s not the most healthy system, but to each his/her own. So anyway, I had this dream while sleeping today. I am pretty sure my brain was just kind of screwing with me because there is not way in hell this had any secret hidden underlying message. I should have written this right after I got up like I was telling myself, but instead I just went back to sleep. Anyway back to the dream. I was at a funeral for someone I swear I knew, but maybe met just once. It was an older gentleman. So, I have this friend named Chris Abina. He was in it, but not normal Chris. This Chris had a long ponytail that was blonde and pink. Also, he would go to everyone he met for the first time and kiss them on the cheek. Not a normal peck, but multiple kisses. I was with my aunt and we were looking at the body and he did not look like the normal dead body, if there is such a thing as a normal dead body.As my aunt and I turns around to walk away from the casket I glance back at the body and I he winks at me. I’m like woah hold the phone, dead bodies are not supposed to wink. I shrug it off and continue on. Chris Abina goes up to pay his respects to this man and he starts kissing the body on the cheek profusely. It was a moment where everyone in the room was staring and mortified, but no one was bold enough to actually tell him to stop. So he continues to kiss this body on the cheek and then this man wakes up and kisses him on the mouth, not like a passionate kiss like a I gotcha kind of kiss. He wakes up and gets out of the casket. The fuck? I turn to my aunt who seems not that surprised and she informs me that he has done this many times before. I keep thinking does anyone not check this man before planning a funeral or buying an expensive casket. Anyway thats when my dad woke me up to ask about golf clubs. Which really is ok because I really did not like where the rest of that dream was going. That’s pretty much all that I wanted to type today. Also, go buy the new Flaming Lips album At War with the Mystics. It’s ultra good. *thumbs up*

Nonsense Personal

Pretty Much Angie

OK, I promised to blog more, so here you go. Today, Angie came over after work. It was awesome, like always, when I hang out with her. I don’t know what it is about her, but it’s like no matter how much I see her, I never get tired of it. She had this dream today and kicked me off of her and started breathing really heavy. I guess she was dreaming where she couldn’t breath or something very weird. Well, it’s not a very long blog today, I just wanted to say that overall today was good.