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Nearing the End

I’ve been silent recently about the robot project, because there really wasn’t a lot of showable progress. However, we are now nearing completion, like really, fully complete. We are going to get near or right at what our original goals were which is insane to think about when you realize how much work had to go into it. So, until I put up a final postmortem with all the results, I wanted to post some video showing off some cool stuff so far.

We worked furiously up until the competition, but we knew we’d need a big push to get something not embarrassing to bring to Notre Dame. I knew we’d be in the senior design lab most if not all of the night so I set up a webcam in the corner and capped pictures every 30 seconds. This is the time-lapse of 16 hours compressed to a minute.

Here is a video of the throwing mechanism actually able to throw it to a receiver.

We can modulate the speed of the motors so here is some preliminary tests where we assign a specific speed to each of the buttons of the Xbox 360 controller.

Here is us at the competition. We were super pleased with what we had working and here is a little video showing some throwing tests.

There is a comprehensive video and document forthcoming, with absolutely everything about the project. I want it to be as open and assessable as possible so people can learn from what we did and maybe do it themselves.

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