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Senior Design Level 1 Complete

Hey everyone,

The semester is finally over. I’ve been to hell and back. I have touched the face of god and lived to tell the tale. I’ve consumed enough caffeine to kill a Rhinoceros. What you can gather is I’ve worked to exhaustion and then kept working. It’s been a wild ride and I’m still recovering.

When I last left you guys we were just starting the semester and had lots of work to go. Well, we have compiled our final paper of the semester and gave our final presentation. I thought I’d upload them for anyone to check out. They are hefty, and lousy with technical jargon, but anyone brave enough is welcome to sift through the documents. Due to us being split into two groups (in name only), some information is missing in ours. I am trying to acquire the other groups documents to put up. (This has been changed to include all documents)

We are planning on building the base over this break and hopefully have a working, moving robot before the next semester starts up. Just keep your internet web browser pointed here for updates.

Here is the final design documents of the semester.

Receiver Google Doc Link

QB Google Doc Link

Here is the final presentations minus videos.

Receiver Presentation Google Doc Link

QB Presentation Google Doc Link

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