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Game Gear Fixin’

Oh yeah, I still have a website. It has received so much neglect. Between school and Ad Liberation there is little time for me to do anything else, but I am trying. So, here is a peek into my latest project.

I am fixulating my Sega Game Gear. The problem with mine (and almost all others) is there are many capacitors on the board that are faulty and leak rendering the system unusable. The effects vary from a very dim and faint picture on the screen to downright not staying powered. Mine is the latter. I am going to replace them all, and ordered the replacements today. I am also replacing the caps on the audio board as a precaution.

The whole Game Gear splayed out.

The Game Gear mainboard. The little square things are the surface mount capacitors that I need to replace.

The audio board. The round cans are the caps to replace.

I’ll let you know how this goes and throw up some videos of the finished (and hopefully working) product.

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That’s disgusting and – I assure you – quite painful. Do us both a favor and don’t throw up any videos.

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