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Killer Tofu is now Mobile Friendly!

I do quite a bit of mobile browsing myself. Sitting in bed surfing the Internet is quite fulfilling believe it or not. I decided to look into making my site a little bit more friendly for the mobile crowd. Luckily it didn’t actually take all that long to do thanks to the WordPress mobile plug-in. I just dropped it in and poof! K-T automatically detects if it’s a mobile browser and adjusts accordingly. I also made a nifty icon that will appear if you try to add it to the home screen of an iPod Touch or iPhone. I have included photos below. Killer-Tofu: opinions and useless information, now mobile.

iPhone Icon

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One reply on “Killer Tofu is now Mobile Friendly!”

Yeay! now you can be even more conceited!!!!!
you love yourself, and you want everyone to do the same for you!

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