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On Why Dogs are Better than Cats.


This is the easiest argument to make and win. Dogs are far superior to their feline counterparts. I will list the ways in which dogs take the cake.

-Dogs poop outside. They don’t want to stink up your house.

-Cats are the biggest ingrates (i.e. Feed me but don’t you dare think about petting me or ill scratch your face off)

-Dogs will be your companions through thick and thin.

-Dogs do not slink.

-Dogs are totes up for games. Cats are totes up for brooding in the corner.

-Dogs greet you when you come home. Cats are totes up for brooding in the corner.

-A dog wants to protect you and your house. Cats are cool as long as you just leave them alone.

-Dogs speak the Queen’s English, unlike grammar bereft cats.

Now I will show you a picture of the kind of dog I really want. Welsh Corgi.


His name is Teddy.


In closing, dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason.


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