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On Switching Places.


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Ok, I thought about copping out on this one, but it has potential. It has the legs. Instead of going the easy route and do something like “I wish I was a football” or “I wish I was Superman” I am going to take this more seriously.

Who do I wish I could switch places with? So, I need to preface my answer that I would like to be able to switch back. Let’s face it. I am a white, middle class, male, in America. How many more opportunities can I get. This is a touchy subject and I am not trying to brag in the least bit, but honestly. I came out with the best possible odds for success.

This leads into who I would switch places with. I wish for a little while I could switch places with a person not of Caucasian descent, a woman, and someone who was not so well off. If only to experience what kind of hardships and blockades I would have to put up with. They still exist in a real way. I hear stories; I read about them. It just doesn’t have the same effect as actually living them. I would not like to attempt this because I think it would be fun or some research project, but just because I have no Idea what it feels like. It is always easier to empathize if you can relate and I have very little I can pull from.

I hold little to no prejudices, I firmly believe we are all equal, no matter what.

I am tripping myself up in this article because I find myself backtracking to make sure nothing is taken the wrong way, but I will just say I am not taking this lightly or in jest. I truly believe that we need to eradicate prejudices in our society and that the first step is to realize what is happening and understand the plight of those being oppressed.

While mine may not be funny, clever, or easy I would love to educate myself more help destroy the artificial barriers that exist between groups.

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First of all, Tim’s comment is kind of hilarious. On a more serious note, I think this is my favorite post of yours. You’re totally right- there’s something different about actually experiencing something. You actually feel the emotions, and there’s not many things more comforting than struggling with something and a person coming along side you saying, “I’ve been there. I understand.”

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