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On Pet Peeves.

Due to the current circumstances it is going to seem as if I am pandering, but I promise you, this is a real and true pet peeve.

“Look it up…”

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This stems back to my childhood when I would as my dad the meaning of a word. His response would invariably be “look it up…” This infuriated me to no end. You know the answer. It is so much more efficient and time saving if you would just tell me. I promise any lesson I might pull from actually looking something up is not akin to buying something with your own money. The reward is not any more satisfying.

Games That Don’t Have Continues

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I worked this hard. You obviously have put partitions between sections to signify a division or break in the game. Why make me go ALL the way back to the very beginning. Just let me continue where I left off. Cold, game designers, cold.

Coffee Shops with One Available Plug

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Are you kidding me coffee shops? This is 2011. Everyone is bringing their laptop to stare at cat pix. Let me join in the fun! How hard is it to put in some $20 power strips? Let me charge my computron while I ingest caffeine. Please.

General disregard for Common Courtesy Relating to Cell Phone Etiquette

Text messaging at dinner

This is probably number one on this list. I am not exactly sure when this became ok, but people who pay attention to their cell phone way too much durning a hang out or even worse, a date need to be stopped. It is rude and shows that whoever is on the cell phone is far more worthy of your attention than your physical guest. You do not need to be in constant contact with whoever is on the other side. A little face time wouldn’t kill anyone. I love having the option to be contacted at any moment, but that does not mean it needs in use at all times. It is by far my generations biggest and rudest etiquette problem.

One reply on “On Pet Peeves.”

I’ve been to coffee shops in bookstores that have no outlets. It’s ridiculous! Do they expect me to use the outlet in the middle of the aisle and just sit on the floor? A good number of people who go to coffee shops go to get work done.

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