On New Days and Secret Spots


What do you think of the new digs? This has been in the hopper for a long time now and I finally just had to get it out there. I think the new design reflects the actual feel I am trying to give the site. Killer Tofu is my personal site in every sense of the word. When I first started it I wanted to separate it from my professional life. I didn’t want potential employers to get mixed up in my personal views and nonsense hobbies. This past year I have rethought that, perhaps to my detriment. If there is a potential employer who happens upon my website I want them to see me as who I am without having to hide anything (because I don’t think I have anything to hide, actually). I want them to be aware of what they are getting, and if they do not like what they see then I am probably not interested in the job anyway.

This is why you might notice the address of the site is changed, too. I acquired, after 3 years of waiting, (I still own and it will redirect to I am really excited to own the actual domain without having dashes or numbers or other nonsense in the name. It’s easy to remember, spell, and tell to people. You will also notice the address no longer forwards to /blog, due to reasons I have mentioned above. This is the main site now, the start of a new day on Killer Tofu.

You might wonder the significance of the picture above. I thought it was apropos, considering the next step forward in the site. That picture is of one my favorite places on Earth to go. The significance far exceeds its plain nature. It is not far from the house I grew up in (which is really the same house I still occupy on breaks, but this might make it better for future readers), and has been the defacto location where I go to sort things out. Oft times life can become overwhelming and it’s good to meditate on how to deal with everything and get a handle on it all. This has been the place where I have dealt with some of my saddest, busiest, happiest, and most traumatic times in my life. It’s incredibly peaceful and serene. While I am not the only one privy to my “Secret Spot’”; I consider it my own. I do try to share its magic with people who are important in my life (it happens to be the best star gazing spot in recorded history). I have had some of the best, most personal conversations with not only just friends, family, and past significant others, but with myself . What I love is that while it holds myriad  memories, feelings, and emotions through all different stages in my life, it seems to dynamically adapt to fit my current mood. I’m sure most of you have places, songs, or movies that you cannot be around because they hold negative memories or connotations. The Secret Spot (which is altogether not too secret) seems impervious to such marring. This place allows me to remain sanguine in the face of adversity. So, here is to the next chapter in Killer Tofu, may it be a grand one.

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