On my horrible inefficiency.

Well kids, I already failed. I was aware of it the whole time too. I don’t know why I find it so hard to just sit down and write something. It really isn’t bad. Instead of giving up I am going to try to write two blog posts this week. I hope that will make amends! I don’t have any real place for these pictures so I am just going to spread them throughout this article with no rhyme or reason. They are just Purdue after a snow. It’s not record breaking snow and nothing really noteworthy about them save the snow.


So, I thought I would use this article to explain my blog process, since I can’t seem to settle on anything this week. Basically I have like a million things per day I would love to write about. For whatever reason I feel the need to flesh everything out and make it into a novel. It really doesn’t need to be and there probably would be a lot more content on here if I just wrote little mini posts more often. That’s kind what this resolution is about though, figuring out a more effective and efficient process.

Purdue Memorial Snownion!

Basically, my current procedure involves this:

  1. Think of an idea.
  2. Explore that idea.
  3. Get really excited about it.
  4. Record it in a place to be remembered later.
  5. Don’t look at it for weeks.
  6. Try to write the post.
  7. Write the opening sentence.
  8. Never write sentence two.
  9. Repeat.

Campus and Snow

The really long blogs, the ones I actually like, are basically thought of and written within a very short time. I really need to cut down on the latency between thought and writing, it keeps things fresh. Well this was boring, but I will have a MUCH better blog hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning. It’s a music one!

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