On being extremely tardy.

Wow, boy did I let this thing get behind. By my calculations I owe 10 blog for the year, and you better believe I will pay them back in full. While my original resolution was an astounding failure, I still want to try and salvage it. This is the first post in the mid-year revival.

This won’t have much content: 1. Because it’s late and I’m very tired. 2. Because pictures will make up for it!

I went to Mitsuwa with Lauren yesterday. If you are scratching your noggin as to what Mitsuwa is don’t fret; I will explain. It’s basically this giant Japanese market/bakery/bookstore/food court in Arlington Heights/Elk Grove. It’s one of my favorite places and I like to make as many trips to as I can, which usually results in every other month or so. The inner Japanophile gets a hold of me and won’t let go until it is satiated.

Here is some pictures from the excursion!

Just the absolute best.

Sometimes happiness is a piping hot bowl of Ramen.

Thumbs up for green tea ice cream parfait!

Azuki Beans with Soft and Hard Server Ice Cream. Dee-lish.


Do you know what time it is?

Ominous for Candy


My payload from the trip included:

  • Ramen (worth the trip by itself)
  • Calpis (Bottle and Can)
  • Ramune (Bottle)
  • Hapi (Chili Bits and Peanuts, My favorite Japanese Snack)
  • Recent issue of Famitsu (Video Game Magazine from Japan)
  • 3 Navy Blue 0.5 mm Pens (Favorite pens that I can only find there, I can’t even find them online!)

I cleaned up pretty good for being on a limited budget.

We also trekked to Ikea in Schaumburg which is only about 7 minutes away if you don’t go the opposite way of the directions which I did many times. ^_^; While I have no pictures, that place is amazing. I could spend all day in there and not even see everything.  I want to buy pretty much all my furniture from them. Overall, super fun time, spent with super fun girlfriend! 1 down, 9 to go. I will catch up!

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