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On 24 Hour Comic Book Day.

So, my friend Mike had this awesome idea to host a 24 comic book day. I am currently in the middle of it, but we are quite tired and have finished all our comics abruptly. I am afraid this post is going to be terribly written, but I will post what I have done. It is about the absolutely normal adventures of a guy named Max. It is pretty terrible and it ends really abruptly, but for my very first comic there is a bit of pride. Please, enjoy and thanks to Mike, Eli, and Tim for doing this awesome day with me. I will link to their comics as they become available.

One reply on “On 24 Hour Comic Book Day.”

hahahahaha ! i felt like i was reading a comic by a guy on crack/high!
butt.. it was pretty hilarious. i can’t wait to read more from Mundane Max.

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