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As Capitan Planet Would Say, “The Power is Yours!”

Lately I have been fairly introspective. I don’t know what is causing it really, but it’s caused me to reanalyze the way I think about things. During this rethink I have discovered something that should have been apparent far before now. I have been in disgust with humanity for the past year. It is a deep disgust that seeps into everything I do and the way I act. It has caused me to be bitter and cynical. I just kept thinking about the ignorance all around me and how people could possibly survive like that. I was letting other people’s actions and choices affect my mood and basically my day. That sentence is where the discovery was made. “I was letting…” I always try to maintain control over my life. That is the one thing no one else can control no matter how very much they might want to…unless you let them. You see the breakthrough was that every single person has control over his or her own life. We may not like the consequences given but we can certainly control which way the choice will go. People are very wrapped up in being the victims of today’s society. I will not be happy until X happens. I can’t because X won’t let me. None of that is true. The old adage, “Only you can make you happy” is more true than anything I can tell you. The only way someone can make you happy or unhappy or anything else for that matter is if you allow them. You have the power to not let even one individual affect you. I don’t think people like having that power solely because it holds themselves accountable. It’s always easier to blame something else. I was so wrapped up in how ignorant everyone else that I allowed them the power to make me feel awful. That is over, from now on I am going to use that power. If I allow them to affect me than it is entirely my fault. This is just a small subset of the fact that everyone has a choice. Fate is complete garbage and a fallacy designed by weak minds. Every possible thing you do is a choice you decide. The one exception I can think of is death. If someone else decisions end up killing you, for example, getting shot by a criminal, nuclear holocaust, etc. There is really not much you can do about that, but for everything else, it’s all on you. You ALWAY have a choice, and the consequences might be tough, but it’s there. Not one individual on the planet can take it away. And I mean no one. If someone has a gun to your head and tells you to do something, you can always choose to get shot. The consequence would suck, but the decision is yours. I can see how some of this article might offend and be construed as egotistical. I apologize for none of it. It’s absolutely true and it’s your choice whether you believe it or not.

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