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Who doesn’t love a good game?

You know one thing I can’t stand? Dating games. Why people are allowed to get away with this really escapes me. I am pretty sure this can’t be ingrained in our DNA. I mean cavemen didn’t have time to worry about if he should call his new gal pal two days after his date or one. He was way to busy fighting the dinosaurs to worry about that. I mean if you like someone you shouldn’t have to follow some protocol that says you can’t possibly show affection for this person for x amount of days. Call me old-fashioned, but when I have feelings for someone I tend to want to be able to do something about it. Aside from ridiculously stupid games, I’m not too fond of the friend test. You have to know what I am talking about. The girl wants you to meet her friends to see if you pass their approval. First, I am not dating your friends no matter how many Spice Girl’s songs tell you otherwise. Second, what if your friends suck? You are not your friends, and if you are, count me out. Dating as a whole is a fairly tedious process. Isn’t this the future yet? Shouldn’t there be some computer to find my perfect match? But then again if there was some computer that would just take all the “sport” out of it, wouldn’t it?

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