Back In Full Stride

Ok, not quite the day after my last post, but in my defense, I was lazy. Anyway, here it is. I am still messing with the layout of the place. That damn title won’t center. I have tried my damndest, but to no avail. That title is mocking me now, but it is I who will have the last laugh.

A quick overview of what’s been going on for the past 2 months. I have been in summer school taking classes. I am fairly isolated from humanity most of the time, just because I live alone for now and I don’t know many people down here to actually hang out with. I have been trying to watch old movies and read plenty of books, not to mention play the occasional video game. I am going to put a backlog of books, movies, and games up here. I also added the last fm widget so you guys can see what I am listening to. Really overall pretty uneventful, but it’s still been fun.

Now that your updated it time to start ranting about stuff again, because it’s been a while since I have been able to. So, when are advertisers going to realize that making things “extreme” doesn’t help sell a product? I mean how long is this gimmick going to be shoved down our throats before it will just die? Just because a monkey is riding a skateboard (with helmet and sufficient safety gear mind you) is on the side of yogurt does not draw me to it. This whole rant was brought to my attention because I was driving home from best buy and I looked up at a billboard when I was driving by. It was for a bank, some local bank and it had some men and women in suits. Nothing terrible, but then I looked in the corner. There was this logo that looked to be “stamped” and it read “YOUR XTREME BANKING TEAM.” Why do I want my bank to be xtreme? Why does my bank feel the need to be xtreme? Does my money become xtreme if I leave it with the bank? I want to know how this passed by anyone and to meet the person responsible so I can show them how xtreme the consumer can really be.

I was in the gym yesterday and I was in line for the ab machine. Two back actually which was ridiculous. When the first guy as done he got up and the next girl in line turned to him and ostracized him because he did not wipe down the machine. In reality this was no problem because that’s disgusting and if I had a pair I would do the same thing. After she was done embarrassing this guy he goes and gets a towel and wipes it down and then wanders off with the tail between his legs. The problem arises when she gets up and just walks away. Her sweat is still on the machine. I just stood there with my jaw on the floor. I was thinking there was no way she just took off and didn’t wipe this thing down after making a scene the time before. I kind of hesitated to sit down thinking she would be back. She never did come back and I was left with the duty of wiping up this chicks essence. Gross. I wonder how people function without a conscious sometimes.

Do you ever think who the next person is who will drastically change your life? I always wonder who that person will be. Think back to people who have made such in impact in your life that their absence would make a sever hole in your existence. Now think how you met them. It’s usually something so small and insignificant. It’s not like the clouds opened up and on angels wings come down this person and the choir is singing in the background. It’s more like, hi! My name is Matt. So, you like Mega Man too. Yeah, he’s awesome. It just makes me think. I have this feeling like something like that is going to take place soon, but I can really figure out who, or when. It’s probably because I am going insane, but what can you do?

I am going to give my honest effort to write more. I really like doing it. The problem is English class has been draining my writing mojo, but I swear I’ll save some for you guys. I just have to ration it. Tell me any suggestions you guys have for layout changes. It feels good to be back.

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