Secret Worlds

I want to start off by saying I imported my blog to facebook for no other reason but to reach a wider audience.

OK, business as usual.

I’m sure whatever walk of life your on you notice a couple of people who are “the quite types” or otherwise socially incapable. I know I always notice these people. They might not dress in anywhere near fashionable by any stretch of the mind, and usually won’t say a word. To me these are the most interesting people you could possibly meet. I rarely get to actually speak to them, but when I do I really enjoy it. Usually they are too into whatever they are into to care what other people think. That’s awesome. They are untainted by social norms or popular culture. They have their own world and abide by their rules. I would rather hang out with these cats over someone who is considered “fun” any day. This blog goes out to all those people. Next time you are sitting next to someone who might just seem a little off, strike up a conversation. You might be surprised by what you find.

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