Personal Philosophy

First Love

I was having a discussion about love in general today and my opinion on love. You know the old adage you never love like your first. I really believe there is some truth in that; so much in fact that I believe in it one step further. This is my personal philosophy. Your first love is always your best, but your first love changes with time. Say the time your 15, you fall in love. Well, what you think is love. Love changes with time, and maybe you weren’t really in love. Then you fall in love again, for the first time, because the definition isn’t the same. I propose your last love is your first because you grow and mature and your outlook on love becomes something different completely. That’s my stance. It might seem weird, but it makes sense to me. Love is pretty amazing; it sort of makes life worth living. I’m such a hopeless romantic. Sigh.

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