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Ok, I have to ask this question. Does anyone ever have the same desire as me? To be in a zombie movie. Not to star in one or anything, but for life to be like a zombie movie. Of course not becoming a zombie, but rescuing people from certain doom, trying to rebuild the human race (the living one anyway) , you know that kind of stuff. I mean I think it would be totally fun to whack the crap out of a zombie with a cricket bat. It would be a non-stop adventure. Cruising around in my Road Warrior type car smashing zombies. MAN, I WANT THAT! You would have certain members in their “roles.” You would have the total badass, the guy/girl who will jump into a crowd of angry zombies with nothing more than a pipe and come back relatively unscathed. You will also have the genius, the person who will have all this technology available to him somehow and he will always come up with ridiculous plans to narrowly escape a horde of zombies. You will also have the leader, he (it’s almost always a he sorry girls) usually has love interest. The funny thing about the leaders love interest is that it is as though she doesn’t know he likes her and vice-versa, but everyone including the family dog (providing he is not already a zombie) sees it. The leader will always do some amazingly heroic thing that even the badass won’t try. Then there is the girl in peril, somehow she always fucks shit up or gets into impossible danger. The wise older male, somehow even though this disaster just happened this wise old man knows way too much about what to do to destroy these things. It’s like he has spent his whole like battling these things when it’s been more like 30 days. The less important characters usually die. Unexpectedly at that, but not on my watch. If I were in a zombie movie, boy would things be different, probably from watching zombie movies, and having a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide. So even though the total destruction of human life as we know it might sound grim remember how much fun it would be if you were one of the survivors. I’m ready for the apocalypse, bring it on!

Question? If you had to choose which a stereotype from a zombie movie, which one would it be?
Leave a comment with your answer. I’m trying to get this blog interactive. So join in!

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