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Yeah, so this is a total cop-out. Everyone and their brother uses Xanga, but it is way easier than coding and uploading an entire HTML page. I will add more later. I’m in English and I’m just doing this because I’m really board. There is this lady in the library where all she does is watch other people computers to see if they are not doing anything wrong. What a boring job. I would kill myself after like an hour of doing that. I’m listening to my iPod which is a godsend. I use that little thing so much. Well later, gator.

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What’s up? I know it’s been over a month since my last update. Fine. Fine. I’m a n00b. Leave me alone. You see that big icon that says EQ on it? If you see it, run. Run like hell. It’s so addicting. It’s over five years old and it’s still so fun to play. EverQuest 2 is coming out in June, so you bet I will be picking that up. I finished my 6th movie yesterday – pretty proud. Now, I will admit I don’t find it super up-to-par with the rest, but I like it all the same because I took a bunch of worthless crap and turned it into something pretty cool. I will post all my movies once I find someone to give me some web space and bandwidth. Saturday, March 13th was my one month anniversary with Steph. w00t!. I picked up Ninja Gaiden for Xbox. HOLY CRAP! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO BUY IT NOW! It’s so good. The story right now is a little weak because I don’t really know what’s going on, but the graphics are orgasmic and the game play is super smooth (kind of like me, alright that was pretty lame). I have been asked by many people lately, “Gooer, where do you have all this money for all the games you buy?” Well it’s simple. I worked in the summer (you lazy bums) and made about $1000. I saved it and spend it sparingly. So there you have it, Gooer’s surefire way to get games.

1.Get a terrible water park job.

2.Save every penny.

3.Spend on games. (sparingly)

I’m thinking about starting a game review site. I mean I won’t be IGN big , but I kind of want to review games and maybe a couple of movies, mostly games though. Also, pertaining to something that I got, The Darkness’s CD is so good. They rock so incredibly hard. Um, my Halo fiend friend, Nate Finfrock, has a clan for Halo now. I thought I might plug his site. It’s

What else, hm, Oh yeah, Justin moved away. :*( I’m going to go visit him during the break of spring though so it’s all good. I think I might be ungrounded soon because my grades are like super, super good. Yeah, so, I haven’t felt Easter yet. You know what I mean, like decor and (drool) Cadbury eggs. Oh man, I want some Cadbury eggs. Not the terrible chocolate filled ones either. I want the cream filled ones with the fake yolky part. They should make those so big that you have to punch through the chocolate shell, jump in, and eat your way out. I may post some pictures of my EverQuest and Final Fantasy XI characters later. For now I’m out.

See ya (God, I hate “ya”. It’s so impersonal. Is it so much to ask just to type “you”? It’s one extra letter. While we’re that lazy let’s eat lots of McDonald’s, get super fat, and sue the corporation because you can’t fit into your size 45 pants anymore you lazy, fat, piece of garbage)

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First Girlfriend

Today was most excellent. First off, I got to show my most excellent movie off in Japanese and English. Also, I have a girlfriend now (I know, sorry ladies, I’m taken)! If you don’t know who it is, her name is Stephanie Clark, and she is most rad. It’s awesome because we started going out on Friday the 13th. The dance was really fun! It was mostly Hanus, Katie, Stephanie, and me who were in a circle cutting a rug. Also, I need to purchase The Wizard on DVD – you know that movie from 1989 with Fred Savage. It has that kid, Lucas, who kicks ass at Rad Racer with the power glove (which is so awesome). I really don’t have much else to say except Stephanie rocks my bones off.


Here is a picture of me and Stephanie at turnabout (Hint: I’m the one on the left)