Saturday, February 5, 2011

"alter Egos"

Hello All,

Alrighty, alter egos then, So you got the nomal baseline odd, calm and pleasant. If you know longer than a month, this is what you get. It's like old slippers, covered in wierd spots and a bit boring but nice to have around.

Then there is Mr. Showboat. First time you meet me this is what comes about. HELLLLLLLOOOO, tip hat little flourish, tiny bow, massive toothy grin. I will then proceed to start talking and not stop, pulling story and story out of my ass, include MASSIVE hand gestures. Weird part is people seem to keep listening to this. Either out of polteness or fear they will continue to listen to the stories with a dumbfounded smile on their face. People remeber this guy and seem to like him sometimes.

Mr. ,Tom. Mr. ,Tom's first name is No. This fellow is a bit mad. Crackhad like. His voice is high pitched, manic, and nonsensical. Words melt together, flip around and are not thought through. Occasionally, very funny.

Mr. Bitters. Buuuuuh. The world is shite, you are shite, children are shite. I hate everyone. Blah blah blah, we are all pointless and going to eventually die after having lived a sad and terrible life that is peppered with moments of non anger/sadness. Mr. Bitters would say things like this.

Mr. Class. Mr. Class dresses nice, realizes he has a very awesome deep voice, speaks slowly and carefully, and makes the best jokes. Laughs deep, loves good beer and has a good time. I like Mr. Class.

Also, Svetanov. Helloh, mine nam iss svetonov, I am mr. tom'zz lawyier.

Eh, thats about all of them.

Good day.

"Methods of Destroying Traffic"

Hello All!

O, Lovely! Ok me and my friend Zack often drive randomly looking for fun things to do. When doing this, we would randomly end up in Chicago. This happened 11 times in one sumer. During this time, we got stuck in drafic quite consistantly. The solution to this were anti-traffic missles mounted to the roof of our car. They would not explode, they would have a cowcatcher on the their front and plow all the other cars off the road all the way to the culprit accident, construction, or cell phone user. We then proceed unabated to our random destination where good time will be had by all.

Good Day.

24 Hour Blog Day : Main Childhood memory

Hello All,

Ok, my main childhood memory is my close family sitting around me when I was very very young. This was in my old house in Hegwisch Illinois. Everyone was very happy. They were giving me my first backpack and school supplies. The bag was square shaped and had a picture of Buster Bunny from Tiny Toons.
I remeber being thrilled to start going to school.
16 years later I am still in school with the same amount of income. Less in fact, my grandparents don't give me dollars anymore.

Anyway Good day.

24 Hour Blog Day :Funniest Moments

Hello All,

So I have to say a funny moment. Supposedly, I am a somewhat amusing person. Problem is, I do not remeber things that I say or do that are particularly funny. People have stories though.

The first time I met my good friend Joe Flores, was in a highschool play. It was some like it hot, or something like that, and the main stage the back stage and the hallway were serperated by thick cottin curtains. Joe was newish to the school. He sees me walking through the curtains back and forth over and over again. I then see him and quickly turn to him. I begin walking towards with a finger extendended. When my finger was about 3 inches from his forhead, a spark jumps the full gap right between his eyes.

We have been good friends ever since.

Good day.

24hour blog day topic 2010

Hello all,

Alrighty rebloging shite for 24 hour blog day with various associates. Woo for adding more mush to the ever increasing pile that will only be read 1000 years from now when data archeologist begin sifting through it.
Anayway, 2o10 was not a pleasant year it started at a friends hous that included hot womens but were quickly scared away by the hosts mother who though the father was looking at them. We then drank a bit and i had to deal with a few soggy unpleasant drunks, compared to pleasant drunks which are definatly possible.

My parents proceded to devorce, non amicably, family lost their bloody minds and everyone treated it as if everyone was dead.

Brother started at Purdue, joined a frat, hmmm.

Currently love my major YAY.

Year ended, YAY.

That is the long and short of it.

Good Day.