24 Hour Blog Day: Post 24!

Topic #24: Cartoons

LAST ONE! I made it.

The cartoons that I really enjoyed as a child are probably a lot of 90′s children’s favorites. My top one would have to have been Rugrats. Man, I loved the characters on that show. My favorites were Phil and Lil because they were silly, and also because they were twins. (see prior posts about twins)

Another one of my favorite shows was Doug. That show had a lot of fun characters, my favorite one was Patty Mayonnaise, mainly because her last name was a condiment.

Another show that I liked when I was younger was Arthur. I remember going over to my grandparents to watch it after school. It was great. Arthur was my favorite character because he was smart.

I also really enjoyed watching Looney Tunes as a kid. My Mom introduced them to me, so I think that’s why I really liked them. My favorite character was Porky the Pig because he talked funny.

CatDog was another show I liked. I think it was because it makes no sense why a cat and a dog would be fused together in such a way. C’mon, cats hate dogs and vice versa.

The Wild Thornberrys were another top choice. I liked their accents and the fact that the characters weren’t as “perfect” looking as a lot of other cartoon characters.

My final cartoon of choice would have to be Hey Arnold. That show was really funny, and exposed me to what life is like in the inner city, or what I can only assume it’s like. Also, one of my favorite lines is “Stoop Kid’s afraid to leave his stoop”. It just really rings a bell in my head.

And there it goes, the last post of a very tiring 24 Hour Blog Day, but it was totally worth it!

24 Hour Blog Day: Post 23

Topic #23: 80′s Movies

BEST TOPIC! These are some of my absolute favorite movies (note my movie review from an earlier post) so it should be pretttttttty easy. Plus, I’m pretty much only going to be writing about John Hughes movies, so prepare yourselves.

Best: Breakfast Club.
The cast was considered the “brat pack” of the 80′s and were often spotted together on and off set. This movie defined a lot of different stereotypes and really hit a soft spot with me. (see my earlier movie review).

Second Best: Ferris Buller’s Day Off
This movie is a toe-tapping classic. I love watching it for the entertainment and the sheer ridiculousness of the entire day. Plus, it’s set in Chicago (as are ALL John Hughes films) so it’s fun to notice the changes in the city over the years.

Next Best: Sixteen Candles
This movie is part of the Molly Ringwald era. This movie is great for bringing the audience into the life of an average girl in a not-so-average family who manages to forget the most important birthday, her 16th. The guy who plays Jake in this movie is so gorgeous, it’s a shame it didn’t last into his later years.

Next Best: Pretty In Pink
Another Molly Ringwald classic. This movie is about an awkward girl trying to find her place as she grows up (surprise!) It’s a really great story about love, life, and best friends. Plus the outfits are super sweet.

Next Best: National Lampoon’s Series
This was when Chevy Chase was in it to win it. These movies chronicle the hilarious trips that the Griswold family take/experience. There are so many other hilarious events that happen to them throughout each movie.

Next Best: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
I’ll never forget the first time I watched this. My Dad sat my brother and I down and told us to watch this movie, because we would never forget it. As we were watching it, he was commentating “oh man this is one of the funniest parts” or something to that nature, so my brother and I knew when to laugh. Lets just say this movie is absolutely hilarious and chronicles a trip that Steve Martin and John Candy take on their way home for the holidays.

Next Best:Uncle Buck
Another John Candy classic. This movie is about the relationships that his character forms with his sister’s children over a few days while he is babysitting them. One of my favorite parts is when he rolls up in his car, and the exhaust shoots out and sounds like a gun each time.

Last Choice: The Great Outdoors
Yet another John Candy classic starring Dan Akroyd. This movie is about Dan and John’s families moving into a cabin together to spend the weekend. Because they are brothers they feel it is important for their families to spend time together. The most hilarious scene in this movie involves the bear. Check it out out.

Needless to say, I was raised on 80′s movies, so it really made me happy to have this as a topic. I could go on and on for days about each one, but my recommendation would be to watch them yourself and make your own decision.

24 Hour Blog Day: Post 22

Topic #22: Awkward Moments

Moment Number 1: When you find yourself making eye contact with someone whom you’ve been awkwardly staring at for one reason or another. Sheesh, that’s the worst. Cause after you’ve been caught, it’s all you can do to act normal like nothing REALLY happened..

Awkward Moment 2: When you get caught singing/talking to yourself. Welp, that conversation/song was really only for my ears, but now that this other person has heard, shit’s gotten awkward. Lovely.

I can’t say there are too many other awkward moments for me. I usually just try to embrace the moment and act as though it is completely normal. I feel life is a little easier this way.

24 Blog Day: Post 21

Topic #21: Pet Peeves

Okay I guess I’ll just dive right into this one (after a brief nap I feel revived!)

Number 1: When people put their fingers in your mouth when you’re yawning. What the eff is the point of that? Other than getting punched by me? Nothing.

Number 2: When people “pop” their gum. What’s the point of it, really? We don’t need everyone around you to be aware of the chewing gum in your mouth. It’s really quite obnoxious. Just stop.

Number 3: When people are driving me in the car, and they don’t brake/turn/go the way I like. It sounds obnoxious, but I do kind of like to be in control in a certain way. Call me crazy, but whatever.


24 Hour Blog Day: Post 20

Topic #20: The Most Influential Year in School

Oh Man, Really? It’s 6 a.m. and the last thing I really want to do is write about my most influential anything. So apologies galore, this may not be as inspiring as it might have been 20 hours ago.

Honestly, this year is/will be the most influential year in my school days. I’m spending it physically submerged into my major, and there is really no looking back at this point. It’s strange to think that I’m already at this point in my life, and that I’m starting to settle in. I feel like this has been my biggest growing year, and it’s been the most beneficial for my career. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the rest of this school year works out. Any way it happens, it’ll be a learning experience, and influential to boot.

24 Hour Blog Day: Post 19

Topic #19: Write about your biggest fault.

Seeing as the hour is quite early, when I first looked at this piece of paper, I thought fault was fart. Would’ve made for an interesting blog, eh? Anyhow, back to the actual topic: my biggest fault.

Caring too much. Yes, its possible, and as we speak this fault has come into play. Joe and Matt are just casually leaning against the wall in their chairs, and I told them how I’ve seen numerous students fall while sitting in that position, to which they replied “yeah, but we’re leaning against the wall”. Well NEVERMIND then. I guess I’ll just show concern once your heads are bloody all over Tim and Mary’s carpet, which THEN I’ll feel obligated to buy them a new carpet, even though it wasn’t my fault.

This brings me to my point: not only do I care too much for other people’s well being, I care too much about how others see me, and how they treat me. I’ve been told more often than not in my life that I shouldn’t care what other people think because that just means they don’t care about you. I’ve been struggling with this throughout my whole life, and there isn’t too much that I have been able to change about this part of my life. Yeah sure, I can SAY that it doesn’t bother me when other people don’t like me or don’t care about me, but it does. I guess this is part of the reason I am in Education. I really care for my children, and find myself worrying about them even when I’m not in the classroom. This ALSO has an effect on my improv, because occasionally people will tell me I play a great “Mom” character. Sigh. Thanks, I guess? I need to work on this a little more to help me to build up a wall and not be SO easily affected by the events around me.

ta-ta for now!

24 Hour Blog Day:Post 18

Topic #18: What is one superpower you already have/wish you could have?

I want the superpower that allows me to have the ability to always look great wherever I go. The superheroes (especially the women) always seem to have themselves put together fashion-wise and I wish I could be. Not that I dress horribly, but you know what I mean. So if I could just snap my fingers and be ready for whatever the occasion calls for, I would love it.

Also, flying would be pretty effin’ sweet. Duh.


ps. my exhaustion is getting the best of me, and also annoying me at the same time.

24 Hour Blog Day: Post 17

Topic #17: Someone/Something that you always wished you were

This might sound strange, but ever since I could remember, I’ve always wished I were a twin. I can remember when  I was younger getting mad at my parents for their lack of being able to make me a twin. I mean, WTF Mom. I always wanted to be like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, so I could always have a best friend whenever I wanted.

I mean, it would probably have been more feasible to just ask for a regular sister, but no, I wanted the joy of being part of a set of twins. I mean seriously, think about it, I could skip my class and go to my twin sister’s class because she has a super cute boy in it. I could also confuse my teachers and get into different mishaps at school. The possibilities are endless for someone with an identical twin! Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out in our favor… But here’s to hoping my life somehow ends up like Sister, Sister and my long lost twin comes stumbling into my life because one of my parents’ starts dating one of hers!

See you in an hour!

24 Hour Blog Day: Post 16

Topic #16: Mundane Talents/Skills

I really feel like this topic doesn’t apply to me because I am awesome. And awesome people are never mundane. Duh.

But if I HAVE to, I guess I have this great talent for mixing my words up when I speak. It’s not that I do it on purpose, but I just have a great way with the English language. This is also one of those things I’m only aware of because my friends laugh really hard when I do this. Talent, Skill, whatever you call it, it’s a complete accident and usually makes for either super hilarious conversations, or mega awkward ones. For example: I was trying to tell everyone I was looking at pictures of catholic school uniforms for an earlier blog, and by mistake, after I found my picture I shouted out ” hooray! I finally found a picture of the kids without the clothes”. Whoops.

All I have to say for myself is: words are hard.

24 Hour Blog Day: Post 15

Topic #15: Cleveland. (thanks, Jeff Mather)


I’ve never been, and I honestly don’t know if i ever will visit, but I hear it’s nice. (According to Jeff). They have record stores, hipsters, and buildings. Pretty standard as far as cities go. I’d say its a 4th place Chicago, and that’s just because I said so. Also, this guy made it kinda popular, so whoopee!